Step 1 Requirement
You may contact us 24 hours from Japan or any place in the world. If possible, we appreciate details about your concept via email. We will get back to you instantly after reviewing the information.
Step 2 Hearing
At +B Film Productions we prefer to conduct the first appointment face-to-face. In case of customers outside Japan we will use online communication services in the first communication, trying to get the best possible understanding of your expectations.
Step 3 Pre Production
Once the overall plan is decided, we provide you with a first proposal for schedule, staffing and budget. After having confirmed those in detail with you, we adjust them based on our clients’ requirements.
Step 4 Production
We start production, setting up the studio, do the shooting at the locations and produce the Computer Graphics.
Step 5 Post Production
During post-production you confirm the results of our offline editing and the general direction of image details. In case of problems, we discuss solutions and go back to offline editing.
Once you accepted the offline editing we move on to the final editing and finish by inserting titles and by adding music, sound effects and narration at our MAV (Multi Audio Video) studio.
Step 6 Delivery
From master tapes we deliver sub-masters in any media format required and additionally we may provide print media versions.